ZEENKIND Psoas Release Muscle Stretcher with 14 Massage Knobs



  • Convenient Professional Massager】This psoas muscle release tool adopts Shiatsu technique of a Pressure Point Massage Therapist by applying pressure to certain trigger points and deep tissue of the body by lying down and using your own weight. it helps to remove muscle knots, release muscle spasms, improved body flow and muscle recovery.
  • 14 Massager Knobs】It has 14 Massaging Knobs that is firm enough to make you feel like you are getting a hand massage from therapists. It’s design this way to easily target different group of muscles in your body such as PSOAS, Trapezius, Lumbar, Gluteus, Rhomboid, Piriformis, etc.
  • Silicone Material】Our PSOAS muscle release tool is made of food grade silicone that makes this firm and sturdy. It also spring back once pressure is applied. It can’t easily be deformed and broken, so this is a long term investment that your body deserves.
  • Ergonomic Design】This massaging tool is designed to have the massaging knobs be placed on both sides of the massager, keeping the center part of the massager with no knobs to keep the Spine safe and to help in maintaining the curve of the Spine. You can now release your tight muscles without worrying of damaging your Spine.
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